Tips To Avoid Or Reduce DMV Office Wait Times

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Living in Sacramento is great, especially for those who love the architecture of the city. But there are a few things about this city that might not be as pleasant. For one, waiting at a Sacramento DMV office could give any level-headed person a headache due to the wait times. Sacramento’s beauty is still nestled in the populous state of California. California’s national average wait time is 53.5 minutes. This means you will be spending an hour of your day at the DMV. Keep in mind that this average makes California’s wait time fifty-six percent longer than the national average of 34 minutes.


Tips to Help You Avoid Sacramento DMV Wait Times

There are a few things that you can do to avoid or decrease long wait times. Checking the website of the Sacramento DMV office may prove helpful, as they have several services that can be conveniently done online. This means you do not need to come into the office and can still take care of your business.

You can renew your registration online as long as the registration is not past due. You can get an estimate for your registration fees in advance to help manage your finances before the renewal date.

You can also order specialty plates or personal plates online. This should definitely help save time as well. You can comfortably search through the DMV’s extensive library of choices. You also have the ability to complete the Notice of Transfer, or Release of Liability, right at home or on your computer.

Say that your registration was suspended for not having insurance. Well, you do not have to go into the office to take care of this problem either. All you have to do is submit the insurance information, and pay your $14.00 reinstatement fee at the touch of a button. Or perhaps you are thinking of selling your car and a potential customer wants to see the vehicle records. You can request your vehicle records online without going to the DMV office.

You can also make an appointment before going into the office, which should reduce your wait time drastically. Just remember to be at the DMV office on time. Failing to check-in at your scheduled time may cause you to forfeit your appointment. You will end up waiting just as long as the people who arrived without an appointment.

Guide to Surviving the DMV Office Lines

Avoiding the DMV office is a lot easier with the online services available, and making an appointment before coming in will also be helpful. But sometimes you need to go in right away and cannot take advantage of the aforementioned services.

There are a few tips that may help cut wait times a little. One of the simplest things to do is to check the branch that you are going to visit online. Each branch lists their wait times online, or you can call them directly for this information. Just make sure that you are checking the office you intend to visit.

You should ensure that you do not visit the office during the times it will most likely be full. Most DMV offices experience a rush of people between two and four in the afternoon. Other offices have to deal with morning rushes, which is usually between eight to eleven in the morning.

A great time to visit is an hour before twelve (lunch time) in the afternoon. Another good time to visit would be an hour before closing, which is around four o’clock. At this time, the DMV is not usually crowded, and you should be able to get in and out relatively quickly.

You might want to avoid the first and last week of the month. These weeks are red flags because most people need to renew registrations around this time, not to mention many IDs also expire around this time. Try to stick to the two weeks in the middle of the month for a better chance at decent wait times. This goes for the days of the week as well because Mondays and Fridays are usually bad days to go to the DMV office. You should consider taking care of your business on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

It is important that you keep track of any holidays or days that the DMV is closed. The day before or after the DMV was closed may prove to be hectic, too. Many motorists might rush to the office because it was closed.

Another great idea is to check nearby counties or cities. Look at their wait times to see if they are better than Sacramento times. Smaller counties or cities should have less people visiting the DMV at any given time. You can use this to your advantage, and you get to travel a bit, too.

You should also see if there are any forms that you can print and fill out before you get to the office to reduce the amount of time that you are at the DMV. This will not reduce your wait time, but having everything ready should help your representative take care of your needs quickly.

Keep in mind that some of these tips and suggestions are not guarantees. These tips and suggestions are meant to help reduce the time you wait. So make sure that you keep your schedule relatively clear on the day you decide to go to the DMV office. And you should probably make sure you take a snack, just in case you get a little hungry.

These tips should help you survive the DMV and come out victorious. Or, if you are lucky if you are lucky, perhaps you can take advantage of their online services and avoid the inconvenience all together.

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